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About Extro Machinery
Extro Machinery Trading Sdn Bhd, they are will known in providing all type of products that related to air compressor, hoist,power tools, pumps and compressor for air & gas.
  • About Extro Machinery Trading Sdn Bhd


    HITACHI Power Tools

    HITACHI Oil Free Compressor

    HITACHI Oil Flooded Compressor

    HITACHI Bebicon Compressor

    Compressed Air Filters

    Refrigerant / Desiccant Type Air Dryer

    Han Young Air Dryer

    HITACHI Inverters

    HITACHI Motors

    HITACHI Chain Hoist & HITACHI Rope Hoist

    HITACHI Vortex Blower


    Beta – max Industrial Wet & Vacuum Cleaner

    Water Pump 

    Winner DC Inverter ARC Welding Machine

    - Reciprocating Type Air Compressor
    - Rotary Screw Type Air Compressor
    - Refrigerant / Desicant Type Air Dryer
    - Electric Chain / Rope Hoist
    - Electrical Power Tools
    - COmpressed Air Filters
    - Vertical / Horizontal Air Receiver
    - Mechanical & Electrical Installation
    - Water Pump & High Pressure Cleaner
    - General Hardware & Machinery

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